Sheryl Powers


Sheryl Powers
Tulsa, OK - Companion Dog Club of Tulsa


Tulsa, OK - Companion Dog Club of Tulsa
4411 S 91st E Ave Tulsa, OK 74145


Feb 27 - 28 2021


All Day


CDST Milkbone 2021 Premium_

MATCH SITE:  CDST training building, 4411 S. 91st East Ave, Tulsa OK (between Memorial & Mingo and between 41st South & 51st South)

OBEDIENCE PRE-ENTRIES: $7.00 for 1st entry of a dog each day & $4.00 each additional entry of same dog on same day. Pre-entries close Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Make checks payable to CDST

MAIL PRE-ENTRIES TO:    Sheryl Powers, 4458 S. 65th W. Ave, Tulsa OK 74107 

OBEDIENCE DAY-OF-MATCH ENTRIES:  Day-of-match entries will be accepted from 8:30 am until noon each day.  Pre-entered dogs will run first.  Day-of-match fee is $10.00 for the 1st entry of each dog each day. Each additional entry of the same dog on same day is $5.00. 

OBEDIENCE CLASSES OFFERED:  The use of training aids (prong collars, toys, food) will be allowed.  Each ring will have someone to call the requested pattern (AKC or UKC).

Ring #1:  AKC:  Beginner Novice & Novice     UKC:  Novice

Ring #2:  AKCGraduate Novice & Open       UKC:  Advanced Novice & Open

Ring #3:  AKCGraduate Open & Utility         UKCAdvanced Open & Utility

RALLY RUN THRU:   No pre-entry.  Pay at registration table from 8:30 am until noon.   Entry Fees: $5.00 for 1st run of a dog; $3.00 for 2nd run of the same dog.  Runs will not be scored.

3 minutes per run. 

Rally Courses: Runs will begin at 9:30 am Saturday. Rally courses will be a combination of all 3 levels of AKC Rally.  Someone will be available to help and answer questions.

 FACILITIES:  The building will be open at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. There will be one entrance door and one exit door. Social distance crating is required. Please bring your own chair.   Clean up equipment will be available at the exercise area.

 FOR INFORMATION: or Sheryl Powers at


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