Nosework – Sniff ‘n Go


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Companion Dog School of Tulsa
4411 S 91st E Ave, Tulsa, OK, 74145

Sniff ‘n Go

December 17, 2023    1:00-5:00pm @ Companion Dog Club of Tulsa

We are holding a mock nosework fun trial on Sunday afternoon 12/17 to help our new competitors learn about trialing and to help all competitors prepare for our January 5-7, 2024 trial.

Click here for a downloadable flyer. CDST-2023-Sniff-n-Go

–Elements – we plan to run the following elements and levels.


  • Advanced (also appropriate for novice dogs)
  • Superior


  • Advanced and Superior will be held in a shared ring
  • Master and Elite will be in hallway rooms Exterior (weather permitting) on asphalt
  • Advanced (outside of the PK door and appropriate for novice dogs)
  • Superior, Master, Elite (in the usual trial location behind our building)

–Crating – crating will be available in the rings 1 & 2 (obedience ring). Please put a mat under your metal crate. For those new to trialing, this is a good opportunity to let your dog practice hanging out in his/her crate.

–Time – registration will start at 12:45 pm. followed with a briefing at 1:00pm. And then we’ll begin the searching.

***VERY IMPORTANT – the building will be closed for an obedience trial prior to our event. We hope to open it as close to 12:30 as possible. We will have signs on the door to indicate “trial in progress” or Open for Sniff n’ Go. Please remain outside until directed to go in.

–Register – we are asking that you register your intent to participate by using the form below. This will provide us an estimate of interest and a contact so that we can send any updated information. Payment and final entries will be made at the event. Register Here

–Runs (cost) – $5 per search. You’ll get to correct a failure up to the maximum search time limit. The order of runs will be conducted by a sign up list captured at registration. For multiple runs by the same dog, we intend to run all dogs through their first turns before beginning those second turns at the same event. We may deviate from this but this is our intention.

–Volunteering – we need your volunteer assistance. If you are participating we hope that you will help either before or after your runs. If you’re not participating we still would welcome your time! Please tick the Volunteer box on the registration form. Register Here Trial committee will run their dogs first.

Questions? Email Janet ( or Gretchen (


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